Just Do It

Forgive me Blog Followers, for it has been 5 months since my last confession aka blog post. In the hustle and bustle of life as a mother, it's amazingly difficult to carve out turkey, no, time for the things you personally enjoy. Let me use my most convenient example, with whom I should not get into too much trouble with, myself.

I really do enjoy writing. I was terrible at it as a young person, I do believe, but the longer I've been married to a particularly hilarious man (sorry Love, anyone that has met you knows it's true), the more I pick up on his humor, and the cadence and timing of what makes something ironically funny. I guess this may have translated into an interesting writing approach that may or may not resonate with you. Either way, it appears that God could have given me a little gift. Or my friends and family are playing along with this charade that they are actually reading what I am writing. "Sure, Rachel, that was...good! Keep it up. Onward ever. Do your thing, girlfriend." (Oh, no one calls me girlfriend, who am I kidding?) Wow, as Christian women we can't even call out our gifts and talents without shrieking back! I...can...write...well...ish? Dang it.

Anyway, my point being that there are often things we as busy moms enjoy and are quite talented in, that we let slip away, in the name of ... fill in the blank. For me in this hectic chapter of life with a young family, I have been allowing this lapse judgment to occur, however I do have some (though minimal, I must say) input into what I choose to do with my time.

Here are some excuses / reasons as of late, to not do what would bring me and possibly others a little joy: Adorable yet needy children at my ankles who are discovering a whole new octave in their screaming range, piles of paperwork that weekly loom over my head like a ferocious beast that I need to tame (whoa, boy), ever rotating dishes that need to be unloaded again, gargantuan heaps of laundry that require folding and distribution, and unintentional time zapped on Facebook (gasp, I know).

Well, there comes a time in a mother's life, I am painstakingly learning, that it's ok to whole heartedly pursue what God has given you a little bent towards. You think that time is somewhere way down the road, in the next stage of life, but is it? Have you arrived at the next mini-stage, a chapter 2, but you haven't even noticed it? The timeline of life is hard to mentally categorize for me. My daughter has been potty trained for 4 months... so I guess I can put away her changing table, right??? Yes, the answer is yes.

Whether it's five minutes here or there making a few funky Christmas ornaments that you used to love to make in college with your roommates, finding peace in baking a pie for pleasure again, and not just for Pinterest worthy cupcakes for pre-school, making your own Christmas cards to exchange with your 5 closest friends, stepping up to the mike to become a praise and worship singer at church, finally biting the bullet and signing up for a photography class, or giving out free and stylish haircuts to your friends, there's something you know you are good at that you have stuffed in the closet. I must say, some of you are rocking it, and inspiring me tremendously in this area. Playing piano again, teaching at a homeschool co-op, coaching soccer...You know who you are. ;) If not, have your people talk to my people.

It's my seemingly random challenge for you today, that God would reveal in your heart what that "something," is, big or small, and that you would make a commitment to carve out time for yourself, to bless the Lord through the gifts He's given you!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, as we remember and give thanks for all that He has done for us! To God be the glory!


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