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Get on the Boat, yeah.

As I hurriedly dropped off my three year old at preschool the other day, I noticed that I must have missed a virtual memo. (Hey, what's new?) Living in South Carolina, there is naturally a high concentration of USC fans. I'm referring to the University of South Carolina, not the University of Southern California, for any west coast gals who may have been a bit confused. 

Ok, so, as I passed the precious children making their way to their classrooms, I saw their adorable smocked dresses, rompers, and cheerleading outfits adorned with the gamecocks logo, USC, or anything with maroon, black, and white.  Hey, I didn't even know it was game day. And honestly, I didn't mind not knowing. 

My lack of team spirit for our local college, made me start thinking. (Of course, what else would I do?) I am not from around these parts, nor am I ever. Or so it seems... 

Here are a couple instant replays from my formative years for you: 

In sixth grade, I was not in the popular girls inner ci…

Hank and Beans

I have always been on the more naive, or rather gullible side of life. When boys would tell me that the word gullible was written on the ceiling, I would say, "Really?" and look up, about every time. Maybe I was too trusting, and thought the best of people. Or, so I like to tell myself. And no, I am not a blonde. Does that stereotype still exist? That must be haircolorism or some politically correct term...

In the same regard as my gullibility, as a young girl, I was always a simple optimist. 
Inquisitive adults would often ask me, "What would you like to be when you grow up, Rachel?" I would quickly and cheerfully reply that I would like to be a mother. It's true. I think I even have some documents written in crayon to prove it. 

I know, it wasn't a very creative answer, but it was my answer. I loved playing with other kids. Who doesn't at that age? It appeared to me like a pretty fun job, getting to rock babies to sleep, kiss boo boos, and drink Diet Cok…

Hurry Up and Wait

Forgive me, friends. It has been 13 days since my last confession, I mean, blog post. 

Some days… Okay most days, I am about five minutes late. Or ten....Or just running behind in general. To church,to school, to soccer practice, to life.

Unfortunately, when I am even more behind the eight ball than usual, I have been up to 30 minutes late. Gasp. I know. 

Yesterday was one of those days where it seemed like nothing was coming together. I needed to get a TB test for future employment (yes, I feel so grown up!), and so I went to the hospital (or "to hospital" if you live on the other side of the pond) on our military base. I held my head high as I smartly grabbed a ticket at the pharmacy. Surely I would have plenty of time to make it back before they called my number so I could fill a few prescriptions. I had been putting this task off for a few months now. Oh they were just refills, pish posh.

When I went to the sixth floor I soon found out that the TB tests were not administered…