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You're Awesome

Have you ever just longed for an encouraging word? Felt so discouraged in your soul, that you just pray that God would put someone across your path to lift you up? “Please, anyone, I need a word of encouragement!” I inwardly cry out, without verbalizing the need to anyone in the flesh. At times when I’m feeling weary with the sleepless nights of young motherhood, long days of working, and juggling all the balls we juggle as parents, I just ask the Lord to give me a word. Just anything that is a message from Him, to me, through a fellow human on earth.

I must admit that Sunday mornings can be trying times as a mom with a quiver full of 4 adorable, yet challenging young ones. With my husband serving on the greeting team at church from set up around 7:30 am til tear down, mid afternoon, that often means that I’m on my own to get our 4 kids (did I mention we have 4 kids? And yes we know where babies come from) fed, dressed, and out the door. On time…well that’s the goal anyway. Some morni…